Why I Love the Work I Do

Why I Love the Work I Do Why I Love the Work I Do Why I Love the Work I Do
Who am I.......and why should you work with me?

Welcome to my Affiliate website. My name is Marilyn Jones and my husband & I live in Durban, South Africa.
We emigrated from Oldham, near Manchester in the UK in 1982 and have lived in SA since then.

I have been a housewife since our wedding day in 1975 and started on my internet marketing journey in 2007.
You can also read more about me on my other website HERE,  where I introduce myself first, so that should you decide to work with me, then you know something about me before doing so.

PLEASE NOTE - I have struggled with tinnitus for many years and my hearing has suffered as a result. I prefer to communicate using emails or texting on Skype/WhatsApp and on Facebook, rather than speaking on the phone/WA or on Skype.
I don't want there to be any misunderstanding if I cannot always hear you clearly.
I have never allowed my hearing disorder to stop me from pursuing my passion in working online and it has never stopped me from building relationships online.

 In March 2018, after more than 10 years working with physical product-related Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industries and recently after a disasterous experience in an International MLM crypto-currency trading business, I decided to try something different that didn't require me to purchase expensive products every month or join yet another crypto/bitcoin mining/forex or trading biz.  

I set about researching to find SIMPLER and LESS RISKY ways to earn money online.

I knew what I DIDN'T want!
  1. I didn't want to buy expensive physical products which I don't really need or use.
  2. I didn't want to  always have to work with programs which required me to recruit people. Many people just don't like recruiting and building teams, but in most case if they don't then they can't earn anything.
  3. I didn't want to risk losing a lot of money through crypto-currency MLMs which are very popular now. The industry is still a bit misunderstood, the banks are still trying to prevent us from using them and the number of scams are increasing daily. I have heard of many people who have lost their pension funds, inheritances and redundancy payouts with some of these scams, believing they will be able to take out far more than they put in within a very short time. Sadly many of these pay the old members from the payments made by new members. who join. Most of these, after a few months either change the compensation plan drastically which limits earnings or shuts down  completely when no more new people join, usually before anyone can withdraw their initial funds out again.
  4. I didn't want something where I had to personally refer lots of people and then have to teach each one how to do the same before any of us could earn a decent income.

I knew what I DID want
  1. I did want something where I could earn more than just one income stream from within the same business.
  2. I did want something that was affordable to most people and also offered a free option and preferably with a one time only cost.
  3. I did want something that had lots of info and resources to help people learn more about the business so you could 'earn while you learn.'

I found ONE BUSINESS that ticked all the right boxes for me.
 It has been around since 2006/7.
I can earn from 2 separate businesses linked together but with ONLY ONE payment required to join with.
Thousands of products to earn money from without having to buy any products ourselves.
You can join and upgrade for a ONE TIME ONLY cost of $39.95. Converted it works out to +/_ ZAR600 / GBP30 / EURO33. 
FREE members can also join and earn too but with some limits!
You can even earn your registration fee back again quickly, as only 2 referrals needed if you decide to recruit others. Any more and you are in profilt and that's extra money for you.

Go to the CB PRO ADS page to see how this business, which is directly linked with Clickbank, can help you to earn an extra income easily while you learn more on how the business works.

NOTE: I do have other online businesses with multiple income streams and I am having great success in building teams. Go to my other website to read more on what I am working with.
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